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The Targeting Adtech Advertisers Really Want - Content Driven Advertising

Content Intelligent Media Planning for YouTube: Vidiro enables advertisers to ensure the Right Ad gets to the Right Person on the Right Content - Right Now.







The Future isn't Data Driven Targeting - it's Content Driven Advertising



  • Custom Content Targeting at Video Level – not just Channel level targeting/exclusion

  • Create Whitelists, Blacklists and custom lists

  • Built-in swear words and violence filters

Relevant Ad Placements

  • Contextual Targeting - Brands improve brand safety as they can determine the actual videos they want to advertise against – not just the channels

  • Kid friendly too as ads are served based on content being viewed right now – not parental surfing habits

  • Ads are served based on content being viewed right now (like TV) – not historical profiling data

Identify Qualified Audiences – choose content relevant to your product

  • Custom Targeting via NanoSegments (niche audiences to mass audiences at scale)

Pre-Bid Segmentation – identify before you spend, what content you want to advertise against

  • Transparency on your ad spend

  • Content Selection and Verification is done in advance so you can see exactly where your ad spend will go

  • Unlimited Access to the entire YouTube inventory – billions of videos

  • Works on all ad formats for YouTube available in DBM/Adwords/GDN

  • Works across unlimited YouTube inventory – advertisers can determine exactly what content they wish to advertise against

Adaptive Programmatic Feature – Maximise Reach and Value:

  • Adapt each campaign as it runs to optimise performance.  Include new campaign relevant content and/or discard the lowest performing videos  

Find pre-trending influencers and emerging starts and talent

  • Identify the artists or influencers most relevant to your brand before they start to trend

Audience Engagement & Amplification tracking across Social Media (channel level stats)

  • Capture the most popular channels related to a specific audience segment

Compliant with Data Legislation

  • GDPR (which from 2018 affects global advertisers in Europe) & COPPA (prevention of tracking of u13s) compliant – No Cookies, No Tracking

  • The largest COPPA friendly database of Kids Content allowing advertisers to connect with relevant kids content, the hardest to reach category on YouTube

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