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Harnessing the raw Power of Big Data on YouTube

YouTube is enormous!

With 300 Hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute how do you find the videos that matter to your business?

The current volume and speed of content uploaded to YouTube is phenomenal, with daily video views calculated at over four billion videos but in reality as this figure is growing every minute, the amount of content may as well be infinite as it holds more video than we have time to watch in a thousand lifetimes!  Trying to find relevant content is like trying to find a needle in a very big, constantly moving haystack.

Sifting through this content is a time sapper but Search capability allows us to find some relevant videos - yet we only ever see the tip of the content iceberg.

To really understand what is happening on YouTube we have to go beyond Search and start to mine social data to find not just what matches our Search but what the audience has demonstrated an interest in through their actions.  By this I don’t mean how many times something has been viewed or how many subscribers the channel has  - but beyond to see how the audience engages with and amplifies the content.

Where an audience has invested in the content, taking the time to like or comment on it; or by investing their reputation by sharing the content across their Twitter or Facebook networks, is what we term 'social signals'.  At Vidiro, we capture these social signals on video, or to put it another way, the digital exhaust trail of content, which allows us to detect  what video is really pushing the needle in terms of audience impact and reaction.  The sentiment can be positive or negative but the trick is catching it early to gain an advantage.

Trying to do this without the power of Big Data analytics tools such as the ones we have built at Vidiro is like standing under the Niagara Falls to catch a glass of water!

So far our PERFORM platform technology has been deployed to help the producers of the world's leading TV talent shows to find awesome new acts and it has been used to find influential YouTubers rocking niche markets, for brands and agencies.  

With an index of all the videos in YouTube, we have curated the top performing million channels and six million videos so that we can rank the social media impact of 'Cats on Skateboards' based on over five billion data points in our PERFORM platform. 

If finding the right needle in your YouTube haystack before your competitors do, is important to your business, drop us a line at Vidiro - for lost puppies and car keys we can offer moral support.

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