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Title Published Date
Sparky Dublin Start-up Defies rest of industry with Content Driven Targeting Approach to Brand Safety Problem on YouTube 27 April 2017
Keeping Brands Safe on YouTube with VIDIRO 31 March 2017
DMA 2017 Winner (Bronze) 28 February 2017
Flipping Awesome Results 28 February 2017
Better than super Awesome: Ever Wonder what Kids (U10) watch on YouTube? 18 August 2016
VIDIRO data features in eMarketer Multichannel Networks report on the future of digital video 06 April 2016
VIDIRO nominated for Best Use of Data Analytics at Eir Spiders 2015 29 October 2015
'Stop the Skip' VIDIRO announces partnership with award winning digital agency Infectious Media 07 August 2015
VIDIRO a Nominee in Streaming Media European Readers Choice Award 2015 22 May 2015
Irish Tech Start-up VIDIRO Creates New Online Metrics to Measure Performance of YouTube Multi-Channel Networks 13 May 2015
Online Video Advertising Revenue Doubles in 3 years, says IHS & VIDIRO 12 May 2015
Demonstrating our Awesome Tech at CeADAR 29 April 2015
Certified and Approved by YouTube 27 April 2015
VIDIRO speaking at IHS Event: The Future of Digital Media Distribution 2015 26 April 2015
Breakfast at the Docks 22 April 2015
National Big Data Summit 23 March 2015
Talent Radar Finished! 12 February 2015
VIDIRO’s ‘Talent Radar’ Reveals YouTube Stars of the Future 12 February 2015
New Year, New Office - VIDIRO On the Move! 20 January 2015
VIDIRO Shortlisted for Golden Spider Award 18 November 2014