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Dublin, Ireland; London, UK: 28 March 2014

Dublin based start-up, Vidiro Analytics, has won a prize worth stg£25,000 at the ICTomorrow Digital Challenge, held in Shoreditch, London’s tech quarter.

Competing with over 130 contestants from Europe, Vidiro Analytics secured the win to develop a talent-spotting application for IC Tomorrow Challenge partners, SYCO and SONY Entertainment.

The IC Tomorrow Challenge partners get to direct the development of the apps in line with their needs to receive a customised solution.  Vidiro Analytics CEO, Simon Factor explains, ‘Vidiro’s technology sits at the dynamic intersection of the two hottest categories in digital marketing for many media companies and brands, that is the sweet spot between online video and social media.  IC Tomorrow is a fantastic opportunity for small start-ups like Vidiro to work closely with market leaders to perfect a solution based on specific criteria.  We are thrilled with our win and are looking forward to working closely with the Challenge partners to create something practical and cutting edge.’

In addition to gaining industry experience with established firms, the ICTomorrow competition allows start-ups to keep all their IP, a novel idea aimed at helping young companies get off the ground.  

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