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YouTube Advertisers can now uncover the most strategically valuable videos for optimum ad placement using VIDIRO's Video Level Targeted Audience Technology

Dublin, Ireland 30 July 2014: A new metric that can provide video level targeting for YouTube advertisers, using advanced analytics, was announced today by award-winning ad tech company, VIDIRO Analytics.

The Channel Radar now provides advertisers with a comprehensive and comparable way to measure the audience share of a Multi Channel Network (MCN) across the whole YouTube universe.  This enables advertisers to compare how video inventory performs across the various MCNs and allows them to make better ad purchasing decisions.

Using techniques deployed in the development of the VIDIRO Talent Radar, a tool developed for use by talent scouts to uncover rising YouTube stars, the company have created the first video level targeting for YouTube that offers in-depth reporting and analytical insights.

Offering a comprehensive deep analysis of MCN performance, the VIDIRO MCN ‘fingerprint’ offers a quick way to evaluate MCN performance, scale and structure in a way that is familiar to advertisers used to TV ratings systems.