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Infectious Media becomes world’s first to use interest based audience targeting feature to ‘stop the skip’

Partnership with Vidiro will allow Infectious Media to use real-time data to hyper-target users watching YouTube videos

7 August 2015 London – Infectious Media, the international programmatic agency, has partnered with Vidiro Analytics to become the world’s first to deliver hyper-targeted interest based audiences for real-time video ads.

The technology allows Infectious Media’s clients to increase brand awareness with their most relevant audiences and maximise engagement.

Vidiro is an advanced video data analytics company with core advertising technology which finds and delivers perfectly targeted YouTube audiences. The technology integrates IAB taxonomies, familiar to most advertisers, but supplemented with VIDIRO’s exclusive categorisations to give a rich, granular level of targeting detail, at the video level.

The partnership allows Infectious Media to hyper target viewers of YouTube videos, based on viewer interest and audience engagement - and then filter to keep the top performing content of the moment. The tech can be deployed across a variety of YouTube ad formats, not just pre-roll, resulting in high impact campaigns with reduced ad skipping.

“As video data specialists we looked for complementary innovators and as an established programmatic only agency, Infectious Media are specialists in delivering intelligent online audiences at scale. This affiliation is a natural fit of progressive and innovative thinkers who together are pushing new digital technologies and practices to create winning opportunities for advertisers to hit their advertising bull’s eye”, says Simon Factor, CEO VIDIRO Analytics.

Infectious Media is already running a video campaign using this technology for one of its largest clients. Results with Vidiro’s Perform platform have outperformed current industry metrics, delivering a 100% increase in click throughs and 30% improvement in video completion rates.

“The flexibility of our proprietary technology allowed Vidiro to integrate with us in a manner that was not possible with any other programmatic agency”, says Andy Cocker, COO and Co-Founder at Infectious Media. “The partnership has augmented our already robust programmatic video offering and is already delivering some great results for our clients”.


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