• Quality Matters so does finding Quality Audiences

  • Reach Kids Content on YouTube

  • Adaptive Programmatic Ad Buying for YouTube

  • Video Level Targeting for YouTube

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Niche Marketing Simplified - at Scale

  • NanoSegments, Whitelists & Blacklists for the whole of YouTube even Premium Channels
  • Campaign Audits
  • Brand SafetySolutions
  • Video Level Targeting that uses Content and Contextual Logic to generate superior results
  • Find pre-trending influencers and emerging stars
  • Follow Amplification across social media
  • Audience Discovery
  • Audience Development

*we know our website content is a bit meh but hey we didn't know were going to suddenly get so busy! Contact us if you are looking for a brand safety solution, we're putting our efforts there.

Dominate on YouTube

  • Connect Ads to Audiences with Content Driven Targeting
  • Video Level Targeting - get channel insights too
  • Determine where you want your ads to go - BEFORE they get served
  • No need for 3rd party validation or measurement - see exactly where your ad went, know how much it cost
  • Post-campaign audit to gather new insights
  • Brand safe content choices
  • COPPA Compliant Kids Content Categories
  • GDRP Compliant - No Tracking, No Cookies
  • IAB RTB supported categorisations


Vidiro has the most comprehensive in-market solution for YouTube planning and targeting, enabling advertisers achieve high impact, high performance video. 

Vidiro’s platform ensures that YouTube advertisers reach their chosen audiences with peace of mind.  The platform offers brand safe, transparent, targeted audiences with the ability to reach them at scale.

What VIDIRO Offers:

• Precision Ad Placement with Video Level Targeting


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Strategic Ad Placement for YouTube


How to Find your Audience on YouTube

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